Count on ASON’s team of wireless network integration specialists, RF consultants, experienced project managers and certified engineers to bring you the right solutions in the way that benefits you the most. Thanks to the surge in popularity of smartphones, tablets running on Wi-Fi and other products, IT departments are taking a new look at how they create policies that address the support of company-owned and private wireless devices.

Our expert team has broad experience in providing secure solutions for wireless network integration activity. We will design the perfect solution for launching a Thin-AP environment, initiating an initial wireless LAN or creating an ideal method for registering and managing mobile devices. Our solutions span from SOHO to Global Enterprise-scale.


The companies we work with have realized many benefits:


RF Spectrum Management: Complete management of the RF spectrum covers transmission power, mitigation, the detection of interference and the assignment of channels.


Solutions for Indoor & Outdoor WLANs: As wireless network integration expands, we see indoor WLANs everywhere, and we also see a quickly growing desire for coverage outdoors. When WiFi phone users and users of other roaming devices are negotiating between buildings, it’s critical that connections are not lost. A relatively low-cost method of maintaining these connections is through backhaul and outdoor mesh. This is much more cost-effective when compared to the cost of setting up buried or aerial fiber. We can help you in designing an outdoor RF, choosing products and an antenna as well as with mounting.


Device Management: Our wireless network integration solutions mean your wireless network is maintained with fewer resources and less wireless network integration management is necessary.


Access Parameters for Guests: You can ensure that your visitors are browsing the Internet only on your network through security solutions that are identity-based and context-based. Depending on the ownership of the mobile device in question, same-user differentiated services are available. Guest access covers secured company permissions on company devices and guest permissions on personal devices.


Customized Security: You can set controls for security compliance, the detection of rogue access points, access restrictions for individual users, and the management of bandwidth/connection. This is possible because the centralized controller’s built-in firewall.


Visibility Across the Network: Know instantly and at all times who is on your WiFi network, thanks to comprehensive real-time monitoring. You’ll also know where users are located and their performance settings. You can perform historical reporting by location, radio, user and other convenient parameters.


Prevent Wireless Intrusion: Now you have the ability to quickly stop malicious attacks through a wireless source as well as prevent wireless network access from unauthorized visitors. It’s a level of visibility into your network that has been impossible until now.


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