Hosted: Email Pricing


Full Zimbra Mailbox User Account                    Zimbra Web Access                                  Free Consultation

Free Activation                                                  Free End-user support                              Free Zimbra Client software

Free Email Aliases                                            Free Distribution Lists                               Service Level Agreement

100 days undelete/rollback                               20 MB attachments                                   20 MB send/receive size limit

1 GB file uploads                                               2 GB/user                                                 Mobile device sync

Outlook & Mac Sync                                          Spam & virus protection                           Personal white/black lists

Personalization options                                     Global Address List (GAL)                        Shared Contacts, Calendars and Folders

Group Calendars                                               Tasks and Task Delegation                       Public Folders

Junk Mail and Virus Filtering                             Telephone support                                    Access for any IMAP enabled Internet device

Redundant backbone network connections      Daily Backups

Monthly Billing, per account

    1-9        $5.99

  10-49      $5.80

  50-99      $5.60

100-199    $5.40

200-499    $5.20

500+         $4.99

Monthly price for each account based on total number accounts (volume), including unlimited aliases and personas. Storage extra. Quotas may be set to specific values, or “unlimited,” individually. See below.

Storage: $2.00 Per GB. Options for quota-unlimited (default, charged for usage), and quota-limited (charged for quotas set) accounts

Aren’t sure, or have special needs? Need a proposal for services? Contact us. Dedicated, custom and specialized solutions available.


Additional Services & Features

Closed Accounts: $2/mo

“Closed” Mailbox Status, for Monthly Term customers only. Keep email available, even though the mailbox is no longer in use, for example, due to turn-over. Use our self-service tools to change the status of any mailbox to “Closed”, which disables sending/receiving mail, and automatically discounts the per account fee. Mailbox storage fees still apply, if any.


Migration: $250.00 Flat fee

 Additional fees may apply for special circumstances, mailbox sizes averaging > 5 GB, and migrations from servers other than up-to-date IMAP or Zimbra servers. 100% satisfaction or your migration is free.


Backup Delivery: $10/account

Want us to provide access to your account backups? We support secure, network access, and overnight delivery. Per account pricing, plus shipping charges if applicable. $100 minimum. Additional fees may apply for special circumstances, such as and not limited to data storage averaging more than 5 GB / account.


Emergency Migration Services (EMS): $500-$1000

Are your current mail services in trouble? We’re here to help! Minimum $500 applies for up to the first 4 hours of our Professional Services, maximum fee of $1000 covers any hours thereafter. 100% satisfaction or your emergency migration is free. Contact us, let us know it’s an emergency for rapid response!


Professional Services: Varies

Have special needs? Contact us for a quote. We have a dedicated, experienced Professional Services team, appreciate the opportunity to personalize service for you and your organization.