ASON delivers reliable, 24x7x365 managed services and technical support to assist in managing your technology infrastructure. With trusted and proven methodologies, ASON provides prompt, knowledgeable and dedicated resources to enable a better end user experience without a time and training commitment from your staff.

ASON Managed Services can reduce your IT overhead, increase employee productivity and maximize your technology investments.

  • Better ROI on Investment – ASON Engineers manage your environment rather than a dedicated employee.
  • Maximized Technology Investment - Leverage the latest code and functionality.
  • Improved Budget Planning - Reporting tools allow for insight to plan for the future.
  • Increased Employee Productivity - Provide instant support from the Help Desk.



How We Benefit Your Company and Employees

ASON helps create more efficient IT departments that complete more projects with less downtime within the network. End users get better experiences, support whenever and wherever they are, thus providing a more productive environment.

  • Proactive Maintenance - Prevent and reduce downtime, resulting in greater profitability for the organization.
  • Maximize Employee Productivity - Systems will operate at the highest and most efficient levels.


How We Benefit Your IT Department

IT organizations immediately reduce risk and gain visibility into resources and utilization. IT employees “get their lives back” by receiving 24x7x365 support and don’t have to spend nights and weekends dealing with patching servers and work stations.

With ASON Managed Services, IT can focus on more strategic duties that help employees and innovations for the company.

  • Reduced Downtime - IT Department becomes proactive instead of reactive
  • Greater Insight Into Resources and Utilization - Allows the IT Department ammunition to “sell” new solutions and upgrades to management.


Available for four different solutions (Workstations, Network Devices, Virtual Servers and Physical Servers), Managed Services would provide monitoring, alert notifications, scheduled maintenance, patching and reporting; as well as proactive and high-­quality resolution services and problem management.



  • Watches your system for status and performance by 24x7x365 NOC
  • Identifies issues before they become outages
  • Provides insight into the performance of your environment to ensure performance for the future


Patch Management

  • Provides the highest level of security, ensuring that devices have the latest security paths
  • Ensures the reduction of software bugs by running the latest hot fixes
  • Guarantees that the latest software features are available by administering the latest versions of code and service packs


Proactive Support

  • Ensures that issues are addressed immediately by 24x7x365 NOC
  • Reduces off-­hour support needs by augmenting network staff with NOC support
  • Safeguards that the environment is running at the most efficient levels by addressing problems before they cause inefficiencies and outages


Executive Reporting

  • Delivers detailed reports to management with real business cases for upgrades and migrations
  • Provides detailed information to predict upgrade cycles


Help Desk

  • Support for applications and platforms instantly via IM, email and phone
  • Mobile device support for tablets and smartphones
  • Provides answers and issue resolution faster than traditional internal and outsourced support models


Contact ASON today 877-305-2766 to find out more about our Managed Services to meet the needs of your company.